Owner & Designer

Rust & Pearls started in Houston, Texas at the beginning of 2013 by owner and designer, Debbie Sakach.  All pieces are now created in the Rust & Pearls studio located in Austin, Texas.

Each piece has been carefully thought out and constructed with a nod to times long ago while still embracing a modern style.  Debbie uses a selective combination of vintage, new, and natural elements to create all her designs. R&P is known for timeless, unique pieces and small collections which are perfect for everyday wear. All R&P small collections are produced in limited quantities. Small batch production allows Debbie to continually create and evolve.

The curated vintage section is a home for some special items Debbie has found on her travels and helps to tell the story behind her collections.

The inspiration behind the designs comes from a great love of history. Debbie began studying the fashion and architecture of various eras in middle school. She began her early career working with vintage clothes and soon moved on to jewelry. Every day and every piece is an opportunity to learn more.