I have only found one other piece similar to this that came from Pittsburgh in 1917. This is a brass fob with funny sayings on both sides. Each side has different characters and words. This is a rare find and treasure that could easily be worn as a pendant. I’ve added this vintage segmented fob chain that is removable to make it wearable if desired.


Front Side Says:

~Here's to our wives and sweethearts - may they never meet!

~Good form but not formality

~Wine and women mirth and laughter

~Sermons and soda the day after

~Here is your goot healdth und your familys 

goot healdth und may you All live long

und prosber


Back Side Says:

~Our flag 

~The bubble winked at me and said -

I'll miss you brother when you are dead.

~Here's to love the only fire against which

there is no insurance. 

~The good die young - here's to your ripe old age.

~Better smoke here than hereafter


Fob: 5 Inches

Chain: 18 Inches

Antique Very Rare 1917 Brass Fob Necklace with Two Unique Sides