Incredible set of 4 vintage lion head drawer pulls. They are solid brass. I believe that they’re cast pieces most likely from the beginning of the Twentieth Century.
I’ve done some research on them and there are a ton of reproductions but you can tell THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL. Here are a few things that help us know they are  very old pieces.
1. They are solid brass not a flimsy or bendable.
2. The patina they have is genuine. This kind of coloring is very hard to fake. 
3. Only time and use creates the smoothness of the brass on the handles.

PLEASE NOTE: 1 Lion ring is a half inch smaller than the other three. I believe this is because these were once part of a dresser or cabinet that had one drawer that was slightly smaller than the others.

Measurements: 4 Inches x 2.5 Inches

Set of 4 Vintage Solid Brass Lion Head Drawer Pulls