I found these two pieces just as they are. I'm not sure that they began life this way but it is possible. This is a gold filled 1930s (possibly older) fob chain. A chain like this would have been used for a pocketwatch on a vest. The egyptian medal has several heiroglyphics on it. The large bird might be meant to symbolize greatness. Their is also an ankh in the bottom right corner. The images are the same on the front and the back of the medal. There is some patina on one side of the medal. 

This fob is the perfect length for me to double wrap around my wrist very comfortably so I think you could wear this piece easily as a bracelet.


Chain Length: 12.5 inches

Medal Length: 1 inch


Fob is marked 1-20 on the closure.

Vintage Gold Filled Fob Chain with Egyptian Medal